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About this Film

  • Released on 22/03/19
  • Genre Thriller
  • Cast members Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke
  • Running time 116 minutes
  • Directed by Jordan Peele
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Visionary filmmaker and Academy Award winner Jordan Peele, who created the blockbuster Get Out, follows that success with another original and provocative thriller: Us.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Worth the Watch!

Reviewer: abbeyrosedonDate: 2019-04-23

I really enjoyed the concept of this film and thought it was a good watch. I was drawn in from the word go. The only criticism I have is that I don't know where the story could go past the ending... is all achieved? What happens now?


Reviewer: JasandmeDate: 2019-04-02

Absolutely amazing film. Peele smashes it out the house again :)

Jack Watson

Reviewer: Jack Watson Date: 2019-03-30

2017 saw one of the biggest sleeper hits in the form of Jordan PeeleÂÂ’s Get Out, and now he is back with more intelligent, gripping, and truly terrifying horror. The twists all are brilliant and there are a plethora of references throughout. Amazing.


Reviewer: Ron WeasleyDate: 2019-03-29

One of the worst films I have seen in a long time. Story makes little sense & the film tries to be clever but fails. Not that gory & didn't make me jump once. Quite silly at times. What a waste of two hours of my time & £30 of my money.

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