Pet Sematary

ID may be required Strong violence, gory injury and horror.


About this Film

  • Released on 05/04/19
  • Genre Horror
  • Cast members Jason Clarke, John Lithgow
  • Running time 101 minutes
  • Directed by Kevin Kolsch
  • Language English

ODEON says...
How to make the perfect Stephen King adaptation

When Louis’ daughter Ellie goes exploring in the woods near their new home, she discovers a local landmark: the ‘Pet Sematary’. And those woods belong to something else. Something ancient.

Things buried there don’t always stay dead – and they don’t come back the same. After tragedy strikes the family, Louis makes a rash decision with horrific consequences, and learns the hard way that sometimes dead is better.

Adapted from the terrifying novel by Stephen King, ‘Pet Sematary’ stars Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz and John Lithgow.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)


Reviewer: bluejjjoanneDate: 2019-04-16

A little bit of a slow start but once it picked up it was really good. We found ourselves slightly giddy with the jumps, for the first time in a long time I had to peep through my fingers to watch a film. Love Stephen King novels and I believe this film did justice to the book.


Reviewer: KesherDate: 2019-04-09

Very scary with excellent acting

5 star chills

Reviewer: Godfather Part 2Date: 2019-04-08

I was unfamiliar with the source material but found this a superior, disturbing and chilling horror film with many jump scares and i rarely jump at films. Well acted and satisfying i highly recommend this one.

Not bad

Reviewer: charles0207Date: 2019-04-08

This is a bit dull. But, as dull films go it is not that bad. It has a story you can follow from the beginning to the end. You can empathise with the characters. On the scary side, there is a sense of menace which heightens as the tale unfolds.

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