Mild threat.


About this Film

  • Released on 24/05/19
  • Genre Family
  • Cast members Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud, Will Smith
  • Running time 128 minutes
  • Directed by Guy Ritchie
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Explore a Whole New World of Fun!

When a young street rat named ‘Aladdin’ finds a mysterious magic lamp deep within the Cave of Wonders, he discovers a Genie – and he’s never had a friend like him.

Granted three wishes by the Genie, he sets out to impress the beautiful Princess Jasmine and – hopefully – win her heart. But the scheming Jafar, a powerful sorcerer, wants the lamp for himself so that he can command the Genie instead.

Hop on a carpet and fly to another Arabian night in ‘Aladdin’, a live-action remake of the beloved classic that stars Will Smith as the Genie.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)


Reviewer: ShazeeDate: 2019-06-14

Fantastic film! Could watch over and over!!


Reviewer: ColabearDate: 2019-06-13

Absolutely amazing film. Will Smith totally surprised us playing the genie, he smashed it. Would recommend to watch it on the big screen rather than waiting for the DVD. Couldn't help but tap my feet to the songs, costumes & colours were brilliant. Loved it.

Well done, Guy!

Reviewer: Tell It Like It IsDate: 2019-06-08

Let's get something straight here - this film is not about Will Smith. Massoud and Scott as Aladdin and Jasmine are awesome and Smith as the genie is great too but there's so much more to this film than him. Guy Richie has created a wonderful film!

Great Film

Reviewer: LeeBoothGBDate: 2019-06-07

Loved this film so much. I was fully engaged for the whole movie. I highly recommend it and I would go and watch it again.

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