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Journey's End

About this Film

  • Released on 02/02/18
  • Genre Drama
  • Cast members Sam Claflin, Asa Butterfield, Paul Bettany
  • Directed by Saul Dibb
  • Language English

ODEON says...
‘Journey’s End’ takes us to the front lines of the First World War, where a company of British soldiers awaits a German attack after being effectively abandoned by their commanders. 

Led by Captain Stanhope, who frequently turns to drink to ease his shattered nerves, they know their chances of survival are slim. But in spite of that, young recruit Raleigh is determined to see them through – not least because Stanhope is his sister’s fiancé. 

An all-star cast heads into the trenches in this new adaptation of ‘Journey’s End’, including Sam Claflin, Asa Butterfield and Toby Jones.

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